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Linux View Network Traffic

Recently I found that the traffic on the development machine was a bit abnormal, so I used the tool to locate the traffic problem, and here I will record the command I used.

ClickHouse Usage Tutorial

I've been experimenting with some NoSQL databases, and this is a record of my Clickhouse operations, not much of value, just some memo commands. In fact, Clickhouse is similar to standard SQL, so you can get started with a little experimentation.

Linux run jnlp file

Today I suddenly wanted to use IMPI and then manage the machine with IPMI's remote console, but I need to run jnlp, so here is a very brief description of the process.

Mongo Go Driver Tutorial

This tutorial will introduce how to use the official Golang driver Mongo Go Driver to connect to MongoDB, manipulate MongoDB and some operations of indexes. More on how to use it, of course, there are some points of note are also mentioned, in fact, it is also stepped in some pits.

Docker Volume Usage and Manager

There are two ways to persist data in Docker, volume and bind mount. Of course, there are other ways, such as tmpfs on Linux and named pipe on windows, but they are not universal, so I won't go into them here. This article mainly introduces the differences between volume and bind mount and the usage scenarios, and takes out some details about them.

Install OP Manager In CentOS

ManageEngine OpManager is a powerful and easy-to-use network monitoring software. As networks become more complex, it is critical to have a robust network monitoring solution. OpManager provides comprehensive network monitoring features that help you monitor network performance, detect network failures in real time, and troubleshoot them in time to prevent downtime. As a powerful network monitor, we then had a customer who needed us to provide some docking support capabilities, so I was forced to install one for testing the docking capabilities of our system.

Find out why prometheus hang and the solution

Here I briefly describe a prometheus hang I encountered that was not quite complete. Although it is not a complete process, it is a reference to the direction that storage can affect the functionality of the prometheus.

Some Notes on Modules and Libraries for Linux

When tossing around Linux, I often come across commands related to modules or DLLs that are a bit confusing, so I'll document them here.

SSH Tunneling Technology Guide

Previously I wrote a SSH Tunnel Tips that introduced some SSH tunneling techniques, but it lacked context and coherence, so I’ve reorganized it here and presented a network topo diagram. A better explanation of what I’m doing.

Git flow: A non-perfect git workflow

Git has become a popular version control tool. Git is very simple and leaves a lot of room for users, so a number of standard workflows have emerged.In this article, i will introduce a popular workflow: git flow.